Junior Open House Festival

An exciting way to share your interest in Architecture with the family this weekend. The Open City team keep surprising us with their new events.

The event is for families with kids aged 5-12 and is for two days only. We would love to host your experience and even your photos in our blog.

The information below is from the crowdfunder website.

What is Junior Open House Festival?


Junior Open House Festival is the first ever kids architecture 2 day event, exploring architecture for 7-12 year olds from across the capital, bringing familes to the city from surrounding areas who don’t normally cross into the square mile! All events will be taking place in the City of London on the 23rd – 24th of June 2012.  Young people will turn intodetectives of architecture – Architectives! exploring great architecture in the Square Mile along with architects and adults, designing their own ‘architectural masterpieces’.

Architective workshops, tours and events will take place around the city of London in iconic buildings and public spaces, from Jelly architecture to scooter tours including an architrail map! and city of a thousand architects workshop!

We love paper, card, pens, paint, cardboard, stickers, glue and anything to help architectives think about and explore the public spaces and built environment all around, where we all live work and play each day!

Why we need YOUR help?

IF we HIT the target – We receive the money and get ALL the materials for the Festival!

IF we DON’T HIT the target – You get your money back! Simple.

We want as MANY young people and families as possible to join us and become architectives for the weekend! Junior Open House is set up and run by Open-City, a not for profit architecture education charity. With limited resources WE NEED YOUR HELP to buy ALL the materials to make sure Junior Open House Festival can happen! All the money raised will enable us to develop and provide an exciting architecture packed weekend for young people in the capital!

Please give as LITTLE or a LOT and receive in return some of our exciting offers all listed on the side! BUT most of all we hope you will enjoy the WARM FUZZY feeling, knowing you have added to this exciting weekend!



Find us on Facebook – Open House 
Find us on Twitter – @Open House London

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